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About us

Twenty years ago , being of Italian origin and due to a large Italian population in Bedford ,we had an idea to bring Italian food products to Bedford at competitive prices .

We went to a local Italian wholesaler and purchased three cases of pasta, six salami and two cases of passata.
Our concept being giving our customers the best price possible.
Within a day we had sold out of all our Italian products. We placed a large order and have never looked back,increasing our range every week.

Today we import most of our Italian products direct from Italy, sourcing the best quality products, cutting out the middle man, giving our customers the best possible price.
We are now one of the biggest retail outlets of Italian foods within a 50 mile radius of Bedford.
At Christmas and Easter we sell thousands of quality Panettone and Colomba cakes.
In February this year we decided to bring this experience online , giving everyone in England access to our products.

Lorenzo Nacca